As Town Planning Consultants, we represent our clients in dealings with local Councils.

We prepare development applications (DAs) and Bush Fire Assessment Reports or other submissions as required.


As Town Planning Consultants, we represent our clients in dealings with local Councils. We prepare development applications (DAs) and Bush Fire Assessment Reports or other submissions as required.

Development applications are required for many forms of development including subdivision, dwellings and many more. Compass Consulting Surveyors can prepare development applications for proposed developments and liaise with Councils to achieve the best result possible for the applicant. With good working relationships with Councils all over NSW, Compass Consulting Surveyors are the link between developers and Council.

Compass Consulting Surveyors have assisted many clients in dealing with Councils for varied development proposals. From relocatable dwellings to allowing articulated trucks access to particular land, subdividing rural or urban land, changing use of land and much more, our staff have experience and knowledge to get results.

Our staff believe in working cooperatively with councils when applying for a development and adopt a process including at least one pre-lodgement meeting, pre-development application advice application, preparation of planning report and associated supporting material such as plans, then follow up during the council approval process.

When a development is approved, Compass Consulting Surveyors explain the requirements of any conditions in plain English. Recommendations can be made as to how to proceed with the development in a manner best suited to the goals of the applicant. Since some applicants wish to have an approved development application prior to selling land, often advice on physical commencement of the work is required.

When dealing with bushfire prone land, often a Bush Fire Assessment Report is required. Compass Consulting Surveyors have the required knowledge and qualifications to prepare comprehensive reports supporting development. Compass Consulting Surveyors have an in-depth understanding of the threat to property from bush fire and the requirements of the NSW Rural Fire Service and can prepare reports addressing bushfire risk with practical solutions.

When a land owner wishes to change the zoning of their land, a comprehensive rezoning application must be submitted to the local council. Compass Consulting Surveyors has experience in preparing rezoning applications with an excellent success rate. More than this, our staff will offer advice indicating whether a rezoning application is likely to be successful before the costs become excessive.

In recent times, Councils have asked the general public for more input on various facets of Council. Compass Consulting Surveyors can assist with the preparation of submissions to Council for items other than development applications or rezoning applications. Our staff have prepared submissions on proposed Council development, rural land use strategies, proposed Local Environmental Plans and proposed Development Control Plans. We are able to put the client’s point of view to Council in language that appeals to Council staff and town planners, supported by maps, plans and relevant arguments.

Speak to Compass Consulting Surveyors when considering a submission to Council. Our experienced staff can assist you in having your development application prepared and approved, including bush fire assessment report, and guide you through the development process.

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