From the first day of fieldwork to the final checks, Compass Consulting Surveyors were involved in almost every step of this $115 million project.

Initially engaged to set out the Bulk Earthworks for the site, Compass Consulting Surveyors became the primary survey firm on site. We were in charge of placing and maintaining the survey control marks on the site, setting out roads and bulk earthworks, setting out buildings, walls, fences and playing fields.

Compass Consulting Surveyors placed in excess of 2000 individual marks for Bulk Earthworks alone, all of which were steel fence posts, painted and marked with levels. Today, this would ideally be replaced by a machine control system.

There were more than 30 buildings on site, all of which were set out by Compass Consulting Surveyors, including marking out the formwork for slabs, checking formwork, marking gridlines on ground floor and first floor slabs.

All security fences and walls were set out by Compass Consulting Surveyors.